"Welcome to Earth News for Space.
We broadcast to the Universe from our studio
here in England, on Earth."

Thank you for joining us from your location in the Universe or passing ship. Our broadcast of the Blacksmith has been released to the Galaxies. Blacksmiths are artists and craftsmen or women, here on Earth, that work with metal for decoration and products for homes, industry, and entertainment. This includes memorials, signs, railings and artistic pieces.If you are observing or surveying planet Earth, remember their workshops are busy locations, so care and protection is need for themselves and visitors. Hills is also a recent broadcast. They are pieces of land here on Earth that are higher than surrounding areas. Note, they are defined as being over 300 metres but below 600 metres and excellent for landing on, should you visit.

So far we have broadcasts on blacksmith's, hills, television, tea, dogs, pliers, shoes, teeth, bees, ties, cars and hands. For new visitors to this site please read on.

When travelling great distances through the rich and varied star systems of the Universe, you may stop near our small life bearing planet Earth, on the arm of our spiral galaxy. Parked here you may listen and observe our broadcasting media, to sample the societies that inhabit this planet.

The broadcasts of Earth News are designed to reassure observers, with explanations of our natural world, lifestyles and products.

It is important for us to present a positive image of our many developments and discoveries, and to encourage trust and goodwill to all who may stop close by, to view our busy lives.



Hoping that you enjoy these Earth News broadcasts designed for your observation and that of the wider Universe.

From all of the team ...Benedict, Emma, Mary, Matthew, Nicholas, Sophie, and Tony (Tom)

...at Earth News, peace and best wishes from here to there and everywhere in the Universe.


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